Samsung Galaxy Nexus Case History

The brief.
Samsung & Google asked us to come up with an event to support the launch of their new smartphone and its feature "Face Unlock".

The idea.

We organized a live streaming concert, with italian band "Elio e le storie tese", that would evolve
as people sent, via web, pictures of their smiles. As more pictures were sent,
the concert got bigger and bigger, reaching a grand finale with all the members on stage.


The teaser landing page showed the band waiting and a countdown
to the beginning of the concert.


The website streamed the concert and showed the pictures of the users' smiles
on a real-time updated "smile-wall".
A smileline, at the bottom of the video, showed the progression of the smiles
and integrated, in real-time, call to actions to unlock new costumes,
new songs and new members.